Why Didn't Shopify Fulfill My Order on Zendrop?

Congrats! You made a sale! That's awesome. Fulfillment with Zendrop is super simple, but you may notice that if you fulfilled your order via Shopify, that there's no tracking information in Zendrop or your Shopify store. This is a common mistake that some of our users make. If you've already done so, head down to the bottom of this article for tips on how to correct your mistake, and read through the rest of the article for tips on how to avoid that mistake in the future.

To fulfill an order within your Zendrop account manually, head over to the Orders page, locate the order that you'd like to fulfill, then click on the Fulfill Order button.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're subscribed to the Pro plan, and have Auto-Fulfillment / Daily Fulfillment enabled, you won't need to worry about this being an issue at all. For more information on Auto-Fulfillment / Daily Fulfillment, you can check out the articles by clicking the links below:

Once an order is fulfilled through Zendrop, either manually, or automatically, you're good to go. Now, let's talk about what happens when you fulfill an order in Shopify. At this time, fulfilling an order in Shopify will NOT fulfill the order in Zendrop. Instead, Zendrop will mark the order as Fulfilled, but the button will be gray instead of green. Hovering over the button will inform you that the order has been fulfilled in Shopify, but not on Zendrop.


As seen in the image below, it's easy to want to fulfill your orders through Shopify when you see fulfillment options, but again, this will not fulfill the orders in Zendrop, and our fulfillment team will not be able to start processing anything. Ignore these options, and only fulfill orders through Zendrop.


If you do fulfill your order through Shopify, you will not be able reverse this process, so you'll be required to duplicate the order on Shopify, then fulfill the duplicated order on Zendrop. We have another article that covers this process in full detail, and can be found by clicking here!

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