Product Types

All of the products that are currently available on our platform, as well as any products that will be added in the future (AliExpress imports included), contain a Product Type. Each product will contain at least one product type, and some products could have multiple product types. With the help of our experienced fulfillment team, these product types help us identify where a product is able to be shipped to, and which shipping methods a product is eligible for.

For example, a product with bluetooth capabilities may not be eligible for a certain country or list of countries using one of our shipping methods. If that product type is assigned to a product that you've imported to your store, some countries may be off limits for the selected shipping method. Different countries have different rules about what is allowed in their country through which ports, and this is something we don't have any control over. 

But not to worry, the system our team has in place will automatically identify which product types are eligible for which shipping methods. Because of this, you don't have to worry about figuring any of this out on your end. On both the product page and the import list you'll only be able to select shipping methods that are available for that specific product. 

The only exception to this rule is that there are certain products that we can only ship to the US using Regular Shipping, when Regular Shipping is selected. For any international orders for these products where Regular Shipping is selected and Express Shipping is not available, we will have to use a slower shipping method (35-45 days), so please plan your marketing campaigns accordingly. You will be notified via the Zendrop app when importing these products to your store. 

If for any reason a product you have imported cannot be shipped with the selected shipping method to a particular destination country, Zendrop will automatically ship your package with the next available, fastest shipping option, and you will be charged accordingly.

If you'd like to learn more about our different Shipping Options, head here.


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