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The beauty of dropshipping is that you have access to customers all over the world, and fulfilling an order for them is as simple as clicking a single button. However, even with a powerful tool like Zendrop, you may find it difficult to answer one of the most common questions from excited customers:

"Where's my package?"

The good news is, we're here to help you answer that question by providing more insight into tracking numbers: what they are, how they work, how to understand them, and so much more!

What’s a Tracking Number?

A tracking number is, to put it simply, a number used to track where a package is. A number is assigned to a package when it's shipped out, and you can plug the number into a tracking software like 17Track or Parcels to get a detailed look into where your package was, and where it is now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please understand that tracking number data will never include any 100% accurate information regarding when a package will be delivered. Estimated shipping times are available for review via the product listings.

How Does a Tracking Number Work?

The number assigned to a package is a unique ID number or code, typically a bar code, that's printed on the shipping label. This is something that can be scanned by anyone with a bar code reader or a smart phone with bar code reader support. This is important to know because this bar code is what's scanned when a package reaches each new checkpoint, whether that be by the employees at a physical location, or drivers. In other words, an update will appear whenever the bar code is scanned at a checkpoint.

Some carriers provide more updates than others, and are far more accurate. The accuracy, and amount of updates, that your tracking number receives is truly dependent upon the carrier, and is something that's completely out of Zendrop's control. Think of a tracking number like you would an internet service provider. Unfortunately, some ISPs are more reliable than others. Zendrop uses reliable shipping services, but sometimes certain countries have less sophisticated systems, which lead to fewer tracking updates.

Understanding Tracking Number Updates

The team here at Zendrop sees the same tracking number data on our end that you see on your end. Each time that a package reaches the next checkpoint, you will see an update to the tracking number data. Knowing when a package reaches the next checkpoint is only able to be determined by the updates, so you or your customer will want to make sure you're checking the data frequently if you're concerned about the location or simply want to remain informed of where the package is.

Please note that sometimes packages are stopped for longer than usual at certain checkpoints, such as customs when entering a new country. This could lead to delays, and lack of tracking updates. This is rare, but can sometimes happen. Tracking number updates will be a bit different for each order due to the number of different carriers that we use (we always choose the fasted, most reliable, and cheapest carrier). By different, we're simply referring to the level of detail, and number of updates.

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