How to Remove Zendrop From Shopify

You may want to remove your Shopify store from your Zendrop account for a number of reasons, like removing an old Shopify store to replace it with a new Shopify store. This process is made very easy by following the steps that we've put together below:

STEP 1: From within your Zendrop account, access your Shopify store by clicking the Shopify icon.


STEP 2: Now that you've accessed your Shopify store, click the Apps tab on the left side of the page.


STEP 3: Locate the Zendrop app from the list of apps, and click the Delete button.


STEP 4: A new window will appear that will require you to Select a Location. Choosing to leave feedback is optional, so when you're finished, click the Delete button.


STEP 5: Make your way back to your Zendrop account. If you left this page open, refresh the page until you're prompted to connect a store. This is where you'll be able to copy / paste the URL of the Shopify store you wish to connect to your Zendrop account. Once you're ready, click the Connect button.


STEP 6: Click the Install Unlisted App button to finalize the connection.


STEP 7: If you've connected a new Shopify store to your Zendrop account, the final step would be to make sure that you remove any products from the My Products page that you've previously imported to ensure that there aren't any issues with newly imported products. It's always better to start fresh!

The video below covers this same topic, but goes into much greater detail. So if you prefer watching and listening over reading, make sure to give the video a watch.

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