Tracking Page Using Shopify & Aftership

You may be interested in setting up a page on your Shopify website where your customers can keep track of where there orders are using the tracking numbers that we provide. This is definitely possible! There are a number of different apps that you can use, but we're going to use AfterShip as an example.


Once you've connected AfterShip to your Shopify account, all orders that you receive on Zendrop will automatically be added to AfterShip as shipments. As soon as we've issued a tracking number for an order, that will also be available via the Shipments page (see image above).


The tracking page can of course be customized to fit your brand, and Shopify theme, but all your customers need to do is enter in the tracking number number, and click the Track button.


The tracking number data displayed will be different for each customer, and is ultimately determined by the updates that are shared by the carrier.

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